Motorola Radio Repair Service

Note: Please call 661-945-5448 x223 or e-mail us for a competitive price quote.

**Flat Rate Repair Service**

**Special Projects**

**Mountain-top Maintenance**

**Mobile & Base Radio Repair**

  • Maintenance of Motorola mobile and base station radios
  • Programming - Computer & Re-crystaling
  • DES/DVP/Fascinator Encryption
  • Contract System Maintenance - Municipal & Federal Government Agencies
  • Communiactions System Installation

**Portable Radio Repair**

  • Repair of Motorola hand-held radios
  • Maintenance Contracts for large systems - including parts and labor
  • Installation of encryption boards
  • Pager repair
  • Pick-up and delivery via FedEx
  • Fast turn around time

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