C47 Transport Crashes on Mount San Gorgonio

Thirteen Air Victims Found on Mountain

San Bernardino - 12/22/52 - An Air Force search party reached the wreckage of a military transport atop Mount San Gorgonio today and reported that the bodies of thirteen persons had been found buried twelve feet in the snow. The plane, a C47 that crashed Nov. 28, was found at the 11,000-ft. level of the 11,485-foot mountain. It crashed at night in a storm while flying from Offutt Air Force Base at Omaha, Neb., to March Air Force Base near Riverside, Calif.

Three Stranded on Mountain

San Bernardino - 12/26/52 - A Marine Corps helicopter crashed near the top of 11, 485-foot Mount San Gorgonio today while trying to reach the wreckage of a C47 Air Force transport.

The helicopter crash left three men stranded on the snow-covered peak only a few yard from the wreckage of the C47 that disappeared earlier in the week with thirteen men on board.

The March Air Force base reported one of the three men appear to aerial searchers to have frozen legs and was being taken down the steep slope by his two companions. military planes could do no more than view their efforts from the air. The helicopter pilot was attempting to rescue two men who previously had been landed on the snow-covered mountain when he crashed.

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