Regardless of your location in the United States, it is fairly easy to become a Substitute Teacher. A Substitute Teacher does not need a Teaching Credential, and does not need the training that a regular Teacher needs.

While the requirements may vary from state to state, here are the basic steps to become a Substitute Teacher:

    1. Call the School District where you are interested in substitute teaching. Make sure this is a School District, and not an individual school. If you are not sure where the School District is, call the individual school and ask. When you call the School District, ask what they require to become a Substitute Teacher.
    2. Take any tests that the School District requires you to take. These test your over-all ability in reading, writing, and mathematics. These tests only your basic abilities, and do not ask for genius level in order to pass.
    3. Make formal application for this position. The person at the School District will tell you how to do this.
    4. Pay any fees to the School District. These are application processing fees, and generally range from $50 - $100.
    5. Choose a grade level that you would like to teach. Give this information to the District Office where you register.
    6. Register with other nearby School Districts. This is important, because there will be mornings that the School District where you want to teach won't call.

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