Eventually, you will be faced with a classroom of students, all anxiously awaiting word as to what they will be doing today. Unfortunately, you are at a loss as to what to do. No lesson plans were made for you, you know nothing about this class's subject, and there is not even a textbook for you to use. This is the time to "pull a rabbit out of your hat". One option, often used by Substitute Teachers, is to assign "Busy Work". Try to relate the Busy Work to the material they are studying.


Below is a list of sample "Busy Work". Some of the topics are purposely not defined very well, and left open to interpretation. You are the interpreter.


-> Classroom Contest

-> Teach First Aid

-> Teach Deaf Alphabet

-> Teach About Animals

-> Teach Foreign Phrases

-> Explore Encyclopedias

-> "What if" Talk / Essays

-> Read a Story

-> Draw Pictures

-> Make Improvised Music

-> Write / Read Limericks

-> Write Story

-> View Optical Illusions

-> Perform Magic

-> Crossword Puzzles

-> Word Search Puzzle(s)

-> Play Bingo

-> Jigsaw Puzzles

-> Play Hangman

-> Paper Airplanes (Contest)

-> Sing a Song

-> Play 20 Questions

-> Teach Juggling

-> Draw On Chalkboard


These are just a few ideas for "Busy Work". More books containing ideas for "Busy Work" can be obtained at any store, especially those stores devoted to Teachers ("CLASSROOM SUPPLIES" Stores, for example). As a last (or possibly first) choice, you can ask the students what they'd like to do. Usually they will be unanimous in their vote, and you can bargain with them (For instance, "If you are well behaved from now until lunch time, I'll teach you a magic trick").

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